Search for a companion: all by the rules
A very common and popular service today is the search for travel companions for joint…

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Holiday resorts in Mexico
Let's talk about Mexico. Why is she so attractive? It wonderfully combines picturesque beaches and…


9 topical travel insurance questions
Travel Security Often the vouchers are bought in advance, for several months of the trip,…


Utopia Island is a real little miracle, located in the Red Sea near the most…

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Ceylon: customs and foundations of modern Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, in general, a poor Asian country, surprisingly high, even by European standards, the life expectancy of the population – an average of 75 years (73 for men and 77 for women). This fact is a good reason for tourists visiting Sri Lanka to carefully look at how people live on their exotic island, to the customs and foundations of their life.
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What is a timeshare, and what types it is

The term “timeshare” (literally “time sharing”) is most often used in the tourism business. And here it means co-ownership of real estate in resort places. These can be rooms in hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes, etc.
What is a timeshare, and what types it is
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The Suez Canal is an artificial sea route in Egypt that separates Eurasia from Africa. For nearly 150 years, it has been used for the shortest transportation of goods from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.
Channel traffic
Suez Canal on the map is very easy to find. It connects the Mediterranean with the Red. On the one side of the Suez Canal is the port city of Port Said (on the Mediterranean coast), and on the other – Suez (on the Red Sea coast). He “cuts” the narrowest part of the Suez Isthmus. Continue reading