Traveling light: how to get by on hand luggage on the plane
Quite often, the air ticket becomes almost two times cheaper if the passenger flies without…

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In the centre of Europe
By the number of monuments listed in the UNESCO organization, the Czech Republic occupies one…


Holidays in Portugal are beautiful all year round.
In the past, almost all travel, many of which ended with the same great geographical…


Holidays in Vietnam
Vietnam is a very diverse country with a developing economy, which it will be interesting…

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magnificent landscapes


Safaga is a resort in Egypt which is located near the well-known Hurghada. Excursions from Safaga will help to make your vacation interesting and eventful, and prices for 2015 can be found on the Internet or already on site from a tour operator.
You can leave Safaga for the following excursions: to Cairo, to Hurghada, to Luxor, on safari, to El-Gouna, to monasteries.
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Secrets of spa mud

The resort Berdyansk belongs to the complex resorts with unique natural healing factors.
As one of the very active natural remedies, mud has a long history.
The healing biological effects of Berdyansk mud in different years have been the subject of in-depth study of scientific medical centers: the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology, the All-Union Scientific Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (Moscow), the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy, the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. Marzeeva. Continue reading

Holidays in Greece

Greece can be described as a “paradise” for all recreational areas, thanks to its relief: the Greek landscape is an alternation of rocky mountains, densely populated valleys, numerous islands, straits and bays.
Holidays in Greece are picturesque rocks, plains, beaches, exotic grottoes, which provide tremendous opportunities for complete physical and mental relaxation, both at sea and in the mountains. Thanks to this morphology of the land, all types of tourism are developed here, ranging from beach, sea, medical (including hippotherapy), sports and social to agro and ecotourism (National parks, reserves and wetlands), as well as alternative, mountain, winter and etc., with the result that the country can receive visitors all year round. Continue reading