Saqqara is an archaeological monument located on the west coast of the Nile River, 30…

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Holidays in Portugal are beautiful all year round.
In the past, almost all travel, many of which ended with the same great geographical…


Useful travel tips with Ryanair, the world's largest low-cost airline
The main advantage of any low-cost airline is a wide range of destinations and affordable…


China: Amazing Hong Kong
Former British Crown subject Hong Kong became the original Manhattan of Asia. Hong Kong is…

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Sunbathing on Egyptian beaches and swimming in the warm sea, do not forget about the amazing sights of the country of the pyramids. One of the most interesting cities in Egypt, attracting travelers from around the globe, is Hurghada. Exotic places of this city, informative excursions, a lot of new impressions – that is why it is worth to come here.

To the museum – by boat!

And why, interestingly, not by bus, tram or car? And all because in this amazing European city of passengers from the number of local residents and numerous groups of tourists carry only river buses. You can, of course, take advantage of the river taxi, but a trip on it will cost many times more! It is better to give preference to the historical mode of transport – a multimeter black boat. It is called the gondola and serves mainly foreign tourists. Continue reading

Bali Tours: Visit Paradise Island!

The evergreen Indonesian island of Bali attracts travelers like a magnet. And all thanks to endless summer, warm ocean waters, clean sand and stunning nature. The special equatorial monsoon climate here creates unique conditions for recreation. A variety of entertainment makes a vacation unforgettable.
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